Monday, August 13, 2012

mFlixter - an always on top browser

Such a simple functionality but none of the browsers have it out of box... sad story. So I got mad and made mine. And here I share it with you.

Very simple, browser based on IE component. Slightly buggy and slightly slow, but it does the job for me and hope it might be useful for you. It works great for watching Netflix and YouTube, which covers about 100% of my use cases, but it also can be useful for having your online mailbox or favorite social network site open on top of other windows. It minimizes to windows tray, near the clock making it very easy to hide/show and you can open as many instances as you like. 

And that's what it looks like. Probably the simplest browser you have seen in past 10 years. Oh wait it has something that all other's are missing! 

What you need for this thing to run is .NET 4, Silverlight, Internet Explorer. The installer is supposed to download and install all that for you. The program has built in auto-updater which will download and install updates when you start it. 

You can add feature requests and bug rage in comments. 

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