Sunday, May 2, 2010

The beginning


Me! memememe:

I am a 21 year old student majoring in Computer Science. Currently I attend one of Los Angeles community colleges with hope to transfer to a university in near future. I do freelance programming projects on known online freelance sites. In my free time I try to learn programming on my own and sharpen my skills, since the only thing that school teaches me is to hate it... more and more. Also I play competitive online fps when at computer and the most important rest of the time I try to live a decent student life and get most out of it.

Why? What? How?

I am here because I want to conduct a little experiment. I want to learn a new technology which is the WPF. I have about 1 month before the end of this semester and I will be very busy with schoolwork these times, but I still want to learn the basics in this next month. The way I want to do it is by writing a simple yet useful program utilizing this technology. I will use this blog to post each step of the development from design to the final product and if everything goes well I will post the project on SourceForge in the end. The main point of the experiment is to see how much time do I spend on each stage of development. It is also interesting to write down the ideas and review in the end... and it will be even more interesting to read the whole nonsense lets say 5 years after this and have a good laugh about it... and Ill be happy if this will be useful for someone on the net.

Technical side:

I will be programming this in C# since it is my strongest. I guess I'll be using .Net 4.0 framework. I work in Visual Studio 2010, I will use SVN (AnkhSVN/VisualSVN) for subversioning and Ill probably use NSIS scriptable installer in the end for deployment.

Philosophy and conventions:

In this blog I will be using my casual language, and I won't hesitate to express my anger and excitement. I often use IRC slang and I can't help it. My grammar may be poor... hopefully spell checker will help me out on this. I haven't decided yet what the exciting project will be... Maybe even Ill be reinventing the wheel, but even if so that's OK since the point is learning. I don't really want to use any 3rd party libraries or rip-off code from net, because again the point is learning. I won't focus on creating a test driven 1337 enterprise application but rather something simple and useful. Ill do my best to write correct code and I promise to state clearly if I write peace of a bad code to the best of my knowledge. Design is important and Ill take my time to design the application the best I can.

My next post will define the application... I will try to think of something interesting. Ill start with research and Ill define the design of the application before I actually start programming. That's it for today.

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